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Susan Merson began her career as an actress on and off Broadway, in television and film. Co-founding the LA Writers Bloc in 1985 with award-winning writer Jane Anderson, she has mentored writers through the Bloc and through her private and university classes in Playwriting, Life Stories, Writing as a Spiritual Practice, Tarot for Writers, and the popular VOICING Series. Her short fiction has been featured in The Jew in America, Nice Jewish Girls (Penguin), The Worcester Review, the Chicken Soup series, and several other online platforms.  As a playwright, her award-winning plays have been performed internationally, including her 8 solo plays featured and used as example in YOUR NAME HERE: An Actor Writers Guide to Solo Performance (Amazon). Long form fiction available on Amazon is her award-winning blog, When They Go and You Do Not and her novels, Dreaming in DaylightOh Good Now This and How We Saw the Moon (also available on Audible). She is a tarot reader and counselor, a maker of quilts, clothing and whimsy. Susan is a humble mother and a proud resident of the Hudson Valley.

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With the introduction of AI, even in its early stages, many writers are concerned as to how it will affect the writing industry. Does AI pose a threat to professional writers’ livelihoods? Will it reduce the authenticity and originality of writing? Or will it be a useful tool for writers?

Hearing Writers in the Age of AI

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