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A founding member of the LOS ANGELES WRITERS BLOC, Susan Merson has been consulting with writers for over twenty-five years. The new NY WRITERS BLOC is a safe haven writers workshop for fiction, non fiction, theatre, film and poetry projects. Susan also does private writing coaching and runs two writing groups.

Work with Susan Merson

  • VOICING: an ongoing class for those who are finding their voices as writers. Prompts are offered, craft suggested and new stories encouraged. Two hours weekly. Monthly commitment.

  • INDIVIDUAL COACHING: If you are ready to dive more deeply into your project, work with Susan to ask the right questions and fine tune the power of your story. All genres welcome. Monthly commitment.

  • WRITERS BLOC is by invitation only. A safe haven peer writers group working in most genres. Weekly.

  • SPIRITUAL CONNECTIONS COUNSELING: As a Santosha Certified Psychic Medium and a long time Tarot Practitioner, you can work with Susan to investigate a story idea, character arc, or underlying meaning of the work you are doing with the help of these tools.


Barbara Levinson

"I started writing with Susan, actually as a favor to a friend who I thought had some very creative juices in telling a story. Little did I know that I would begin my own journey about my own hopes and promises and turn it into a story of fiction.  I have been writing that story for the last 3 years and every week after class I get better and better... Not only is Susan talented as a creative and artistic writer of her own ability but she also possesses the uncanny ability to teach, support and encourage her students. Susan's professional strength is admirable... She truly 
knows how to validate and encourage the writer's journey... A remarkable teacher. A remarkable writer."

Fran Fisher

"I have worked with Susan Merson for over a year both in private coaching and group work. The challenge to transform the original 488 page memoir down to a workable 220 pages has been a wonderful experience and the book is continuing to be transformed under her tutelage. I have enjoyed the challenge and the support tremendously."

Robin Osborne

"I am not a writer, but I knew there was something I needed to write. Susan came into my life and opened channels of exploration and expression that had been closed to me. She is a gifted muse who knows her craft and has an extraordinary ability to share with others. Her skill as a teacher, experience as an author, and sensitivity as a human being have given me tools and confidence to write and shape the words I want to express."
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