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Starting Over Begins with the First Step


As I think through how and why I decided to write about what it is to start a second chapter in life, I know that

1: it’s hard and

2; because it’s hard, we want our new lives to happen presto change-o, and

3: we want to know the lessons and learn the consequences of missteps and mistakes before we actually live them. In other words, we want the prize without the pain.

When I came across the image of the labyrinth and the prayer that asks us to take one step at a time and bless it, actually say, Oh Good! Now This! I knew that that was the answer to new beginnings. It is tedious to feel the loss. The mistakes, the fear, the uncertainty of starting again and again and again.

My heroine comes from a mess of a marriage, and she jumps into a new life asking an old friend to support her, take some of the responsibility off of her, but Vikram, Viv’s old lover, cannot provide that for her. Yes, they have old business to attend to, but ultimately he leaves Vivi to make her own choices, heal her own wounds and find the strength to make mistakes and survive them. In other words, to join the ranks of the living.

So, here’s to welcoming each step as the challenge that it is… with humor and the help

of the world around, above, below and within us.

Please take a moment to download OH GOOD NOWTHIS on Amazon and let me know how you like it.


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