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Using the Tarot cards for next step inspiration

The mystery of the next step keeps me up at night, until I manage to sit down and write.

How that next step gets created is the fun of being in the flow and letting the words show up. Except when they don’t. And that’s when I turn to the TAROT for answers to the reason why my characters don’t sleep at night, or where they should focus their attention or if they will get the partner they’re after!

Not worrying about the literal meaning of the cards is the first step. Trusting that my intuitive nose will recognize the cues being thrown at me as I choose one card and then the next, letting them help me tell my stories, is what gets me out of my head and onto the page.

In OH GOOD NOW THIS, my new book up on Amazon, Vivi finds a friend in trusting the way the cards fall.

I love introducing other writers to the stories the cards are ready to offer them. You can find out more about INTUITIVE TAROT FOR WRITERS on my website , www.susanmerson,com, or by sending me an email at

And may THE HERMIT let you in on his secrets!



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